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The RESOURCE guides include:

(*Note: resources are in the order they show up in the book.)

  • Oxalate Testing, Kidney Bloodwork (from Ch 6, Oxalates)
  • Health Test and Gut Imbalance Markers (from Ch 13, Preparation Bloodwork)
  • Carnivore Meal Plan, Recipes and Cookbooks (from Ch 13)
  • Carnivore Cure Support (digestive enzymes, gut healing kit) (from Ch 13)
  • Detox Support (from Ch 16)
  • Water Filtration System (from Ch 18)
  • Loose Stools: Transitional Supplements (from Ch 19, FAQ)
  • Snack List (from Ch 19, FAQ)
  • Magnesium Spray (from Ch 19, FAQ)
  • #Carnivore75Hard Updated Community Recipe Cookbook (from Ch 19, FAQ)
  • Carnivore Resource Guide: Experts, Podcasts, Books