The Carnivore Cure group program will provide you with the accountability and resources to support you on your Carnivore Cure journey.

This group program won’t be like any other. If you saw what came of #Carnivore75Hard, you will get another level of support from Nutrition with Judy for the Carnivore Cure program.

The group program is to bring community support and educational resources to allow you to succeed.

The program will include:

  • Weekly lessons
  • Q&A live sessions with the small private group and Judy
  • Email access to Judy (during the tenure of the program)
  • Lifetime private Facebook Group access
  • Vulnerability and accountability
  • Access to resources and guides that will support you to healing.

Get ready to throw away your weigh scale.

Get ready to work on your relationship with food.

Get ready to cry.

Get ready to laugh.

Get ready to find your own [_fill-in-your-name_] diet.

And most of all, get ready to heal and get back to optimal health.

STAY TUNED. Coming Summer of 2022.

Make sure to sign up to get first access to this Exclusive GROUP PROGRAM.

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I’m blown away at the support and I really hope this is a sign of what healing is to come.

I’m with you all.

with so much ♥️ and hope for thriving,