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Many consider the Carnivore diet as the perfect elimination diet. Many have used the Carnivore diet as an elimination diet. You probably want to figure out what your bioindividual food sensitivities are, as well as what foods will restore you to optimal health. In fact, we all want to know this bioindividual list.

Sometimes we need a little extra support while we leverage the healing powers of animal-based foods.

In fact, most elimination diets work to a certain extent but fail to consider all the bioindividual physical symptoms and possible food sensitivities.

Introducing, the Carnivore Cure. 

We start with the meats that are known to have the least amount of allergens and sensitivities for most people. Once we reach a baseline of health, then we can incorporate some additional meats and more convenient animal-based foods. Eventually, if you choose to, you may even add back other non-animal based foods.

Yes, you got that right. 

The Carnivore Cure will allow you to figure out what plant foods can work for your body in the long term. The Carnivore Cure will support you to find your happy medium by focusing on meat-based while incorporating the safest plants with most food intolerances considered.

The Carnivore Cure attempts to cover most facets of dietary needs, such as sensitivities to autoimmune, histamines, FODMAP, antinutrients, blood sugar dysregulation, and more. The Carnivore Cure covers the pros and cons of various elimination diets, food intolerances and much more.

This book provides you a step by step protocol to optimal health while also providing you extensive nutritional information and support for all things Carnivore, including debunking nutrition misinformation and providing lifestyle support through the lens of holistic health.

If you like Nutrition with Judy’s content, then you will love the Carnivore Cure book.

The Carnivore Cure will also have a big component of community. The Carnivore Cure will have a group program with weekly lessons and actions to get you back to optimal health.  The Carnivore Cure accountability and support will be next level.  Coming in 2020.

YOU CAN HEAL. Because the right food is medicine. 

Eliminate the wrong foods and eat the right foods for you and you alone.  Take your life back with the Carnivore Cure.